FAB and its members are proud to be leaders in providing the citizens of Florida with critical information on current state issues.

FAB is the coordinator and distributor of Public Education Programs, also known as Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcements (NCSA), for the Governor, Cabinet, state agencies, and non-profit organizations.

With the help of Florida’s broadcast stations, FAB provides the public with timely information on critical state issues, while helping state agencies save tax dollars on the production and distribution of public service messages. Through this program, participating agencies are provided with a comprehensive monthly report of the Public Education Programs.

FAB is your partner in fulfilling your station’s commitment to public service.

By broadcasting FAB’s Public Education Programs, your station is fulfilling its obligation to operate in the public interest and demonstrates the power and impact of broadcasting in Florida.

With the help of FAB, participating stations are assured that the public service messages broadcasted are current and important issues facing the State of Florida. By taking part in this program, your station can provide its audience with the latest public service information available and will help FAB develop the programs that better serve its members and the public.

By airing Public Education Programs, your station can help make FAB a stronger voice for Florida’s broadcasters.

The FCC authorizes state associations to develop Public Education Programs for use by state agencies and charitable organizations. FAB’s member stations donate broadcast time as they would for any public service announcement; however, they provide broadcast reports to FAB that gives the date, time and value of each spot aired. FAB then assesses the participating agency at 25 percent of the value of the airtime documented. FAB uses these funds to cover the cost of administering the program and to provide additional services to Florida’s broadcasters and residents.

FAB asks all of its member stations to participate in the Public Education Programs curriculum. Participation demonstrates the commitment of the broadcasting industry to public service and strengthens FAB’s ability to work for its Florida stations.

Please call Lindsay Varn at (800) 825-5322 with any questions regarding the Public Education Programs curriculum and to get your stations on the air with current Public Education Programs campaigns.