Legislative Network

FAB represents its members before Florida’s Governor, the Cabinet, the Legislature, as well as the United States Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). FAB monitors and shapes the decisions made by government, making sure the voice of the Florida broadcaster is heard before government policy is created. Over the years, FAB has been extremely effective in protecting the rights and interests of Florida broadcasting.

Legal Counsel

FAB has legal services available to assist the Association and its members on matters related to corporate affairs and broadcast issues. This service provides prompt and accurate information to FAB members from lawyers who have experience practicing before the FCC, Local, State and Federal courts.

FAB Annual Workshop

Every summer during the FAB Annual Workshop, members have the opportunity to meet with Florida’s elected officials and federal regulators to discuss topics that are important to the daily operations and to the future of broadcasting. Previous Workshop briefings have included legislative and political forums, political advertising, digital and HDTV opportunities, FCC Pirate Radio, and Internet streaming. Please click on our Summer Workshop tab for information regarding this year’s event!

Employment Opportunities

FAB acts as an employment clearing house for FAB member stations who are seeking employees and for those seeking a position in the broadcast field. Please click on the Career Opportunities tab for more information regarding posting or finding available jobs.

Public Education Program (NCSA)

FAB continues to work with the Governor, Cabinet members and state agencies to distribute PSAs relating to important issues facing Florida, as well as not for profit organizations. Thanks to our FAB members, our NCSA is one of the most successful programs of its kind in the nation. Through these programs, stations are able to fulfill their obligation to inform and educate the citizens of Florida about topics such as prenatal care, child abuse, AIDS, consumer alerts, and hurricane preparedness. Download our current PEP campaigns by clicking on the Public Education Program tab.

FCC Alternative Inspection Program

FAB provides television and radio stations with the opportunities to take advantage of the FAB/FCC Alternative Inspection Program. FAB has contracted an independent inspector who can do a complete FCC inspection of your station. If your station is in compliance, FAB will issue your station a Certificate of Compliance and notify the FCC. In return, the FCC will than agree NOT to perform random inspections on your station for a period of three years.

If your station is interested in participating, promoting its website, or providing a link on the station’s website,

please call our toll free number at (800) 825-5322 or contact us with your questions here.