• Florida passes the Service “Ad” Tax in the Spring and it takes effect July 1, 1987.
  • FAB leads the effort to repeal the Tax. In December it is repealed effective 12-31-87.


  • FAB and the FCC launch the Pilot Program for the FCC Alternative Inspection Program.


  • FAB coordinates the coverage of the 60th ‘Governor Lawton Chiles’ Inauguration.
  • Operation Desert Storm ends, and FAB coordinates with all TV and Radio Stations, the homecoming for Central Command and General Schwarzkopf. At a later date, FAB assisted Central Command on Queen Elizabeth’s visit.


  • Pat Roberts (FCC State Emergency Communication Committee Chairman at the time) was at the State Emergency Operation Center (EOC) on the morning that Hurricane Andrew made landfall in South Florida.
  • The EBS System was activated to tell residents where they could find food, water and shelter.
  • Pat Roberts (Representing FAB) was one of the only two members outside of the Miami-Dade area, to serve on the Miami-Dade County “We Will Rebuild” Organization, after Hurricane Andrew hit.


  • Miami faces Tourism Crisis due to a shooting near the Miami Airport.


  • FAB assists the State of Florida with securing a multi-lingual FM Radio Station for airing information regarding Tourism.


  • FAB was actively monitoring Tallahassee and Washington.
  • Major consolidation in the Broadcast Industry was taking place.


  • FAB played a critical role in the Historical Re-Count of the 2000 Presidential Election.
  • FAB coordinates the pool feeds for the Florida Supreme Court, other courts, the Legislature, the Cabinet and the State Election Board.
  • Pat Roberts was named by the Chief Justice, to oversee the distribution of all feeds from the Florida Supreme Court.
  • FAB and Pat Roberts petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for cameras and audio from their hearings on the Elections. After rejecting all of the major networks, Roberts received a letter from the Chief Justice, stating that the Court had granted him the audio request he proposed. This allowed the citizens of our country to hear their Justices for the first time in history.


  • September 11, 2001 changed the Country forever, and had a major economic impact on Florida Tourism.
  • Pat Roberts (Representing FAB) was asked to serve on the Governor’s Tourism Task Force.


  • FAB started the year off with Senate President McKay, advocating a Service Tax which included Advertising that would allow a reduction in property tax. FAB was a leader in defending the Legislation, but in the closing hours of Session, the Senate President got the House to agree to an amendment on the November ballot to tax all services. FAB, and other business groups, successfully sued the Legislature, and the Florida Supreme Court removed the amendment from the ballot.


  • The U.S. enters Iraq, and General Tommy Franks is the leader of our forces.
  • FAB organized his homecoming and the Freedom Concert in Tampa that June. Twelve country western acts came to Tampa to entertain the troops and their families.


  • Pirate Radio Stations continued to spread across the State.
  • FAB led the effort to pass a State Law that made it a felony to operate a Pirate Station. This gave local and federal officials the power they needed to shut them down.


  • FAB was very active with the FCC on the Media Security Reliability Council that was set up to prepare our country for the future terrorist attacks we were possibly going to face.
  • Pat Roberts also assisted FEMA and the FCC, in re-establishing the importance of EAS.
  • He co-chaired the National EAS Summit for several years.
  • Florida was noted for having the most efficient EAS system and program on Emergency Communication in the Nation.


  • Florida faced a difficult two years of Hurricanes, and every part of Florida was impacted.
  • FAB worked with the Army National Guard to ensure that fuel was being delivered to all radio stations, so that they could remain on the air.
  • The FAB Team documented Florida’s response to each and every hurricane that made landfall, from the EOC to the Field Operations.
  • The EAS was activated for the first time during Hurricane Charley because the path of the storm changed unexpectedly.
  • The first and only time in U.S. history, that an EAS message was distributed in multiple languages. The message was aired in both English and Spanish.
  • After Hurricane Katrina made landfall, FAB was alongside the DEM Team that was sent immediately to help Southern Mississippi during this disaster.
  • FAB was in constant contact with the FCC Chairman’s office, and the Broadcasters response to Hurricane Katrina.
  • Pat Roberts spoke to the Commission on Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Senate Hearing on Katrina, and spoke at the Annual NOAA Capital Hill Luncheon.


  • Legislative Session discussed tax policy.
  • The Tax and Budget Reform Commission proposed a constitutional amendment that would tax services. FAB was a leader in filing with the Supreme Court removed it from the ballot.


  • Tourism


  • 911 Calls