FAB, in cooperation with the FCC, has contracted with an independent inspector who can do a complete FCC inspection of Florida’s stations. If no problems are found, FAB will report compliance to the FCC and issue the station a Certificate of Compliance.

If problems exist, the inspector will provide the station with a confidential report outlining any problems or FCC violations. The station is then able to correct the problems identified within a specified length of time, submit a re-inspection or provide an alternative proof of compliance. Once the station has a clean bill of health, FAB will notify the FCC of the compliance and provide the station with a Certificate of Compliance. In return, the FCC will then agree NOT to perform random inspections on your station for a period of three years


  • Fill out the Inspection Application, read all the provisions of the program carefully filling in all designated blanks, and sign the form. Please note: if you are signing up for multiple stations, copy the form and fill out a separate copy for each station.
  • Write a check made payable to FAB.
  • Mail the Inspection Application and check to the following address:

Florida Association of Broadcasters, Inc.
201 South Monroe Street, Suite 201
Tallahassee, FL 32301

  • FAB will then turn it over to its inspectors for scheduling.
  • Once the station is scheduled for inspection, the station will be protected against an FCC surprise inspection. The FCC checks with FAB to verify which stations are participating in the Alternative Inspection Program before conducting a random surprise inspection. The FCC agrees NOT to inspect for reasons other than good cause, such as a complaint not being filed, and has the right to inspect the station without notice to FAB or participating stations.
  • FAB will then notify the FCC of the station’s participation in the Alternative Inspection Program once the contract inspector has signed off on the station. (Please note: FAB will NOT notify the FCC of the station’s participation in the Alternative Inspection Program until the contract inspector has signed off on the station.) The contract inspector assures 100 percent confidentiality with all stations participating in the program


The cost of the Alternative Inspection Program is designed to be affordable to all stations; however, no application will be accepted without payment.

 AM Stations  FM Stations  TV Stations
  Member Cost  $400  $450  $500
  Non-Member Cost
 $800  $900  $1000

Please note: If a re-inspection is necessary due to problems found, the station will be responsible for all inspector travel costs and charged half of the original FAB-ABIP inspection fee. In many cases, re-inspection may not be merited

Time Restrictions

Stations MUST be scheduled and inspected within 60 days of receipt of the Inspection Application. For those stations that cannot be inspected in the allotted time frame, the application and fee will be returned, less a $40 processing fee.

If a station files their Inspection Application, it is assumed the station is ready to participate in the Alternative Inspection Program.

While stations are allotted a 30-day time frame in which to respond to any notices, a period of up to 60 days from the date of inspection is allotted to either issue a Certificate of Compliance or close a file. Adequate justification and documentation is required for the additional 30-day extension.

Use the link above to print a form for mailing.

Please refer to the FAB Membership Dues (PDF) and send the form along with a check to FAB.

If your station is interested in participating, promoting its website, or providing a link on the station’s website,

please call our toll free number at (800) 825-5322 or contact us with your questions here.