C. Patrick Roberts has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of FAB since 1988 where he oversees FAB’s various capacities across the state and works to promote cooperation and understanding among broadcasters, government, businesses and other organizations associated with the broadcast industry.

Mr. Roberts, who began his career in the broadcasting industry in 1987 as a consultant for FAB, has been praised for his outstanding commitment to the industry and for making FAB one of the strongest organizations in the country as a national model for Emergency Alert Systems, emergency communications and the Amber Alert System.

In 1987, Mr. Roberts, along with a team of lobbyists, was successful in his bid to repeal the ad services tax that crippled the broadcasting industry. Newspapers from around the state credited Mr. Roberts for his role in the defeat of the resurfacing of the 2002 ad tax initiative spearheaded by then-Senate President John McKay.

Mr. Roberts has testified before the US Senate Commerce Committee, several FCC counsels and panels, and the National Summit on Emergency Alert Systems and Communications where he also serves as the 2007 co-chairman. Mr. Roberts serves as the chairman of the Florida Emergency Communications Committee and has assisted in the development of numerous public service campaigns dealing with subjects such as pre-natal care, early childhood programs, environmental issues, hurricane preparedness, responsible drinking and highway safety.

Mr. Roberts is active in a number of charitable organizations including the Seaside Chapel and the National Jewish Medical and Research Center. He serves on the following boards: Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida, Cities and Schools, Kids Voting, and Partnership for a Drug Free Florida.

Prior to beginning his 20-year career with FAB, Mr. Roberts served as a personal assistant to Mr. Jack Eckerd, founder of Eckerd Drugs, was the Vice President of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, and was a political and management consultant for more than a decade specializing in national, state and local elections.

Mr. Roberts and his wife, Pam, have two sons, Austin and Madison, two grown daughters from his previous marriage and one beloved grandson. Mr. Roberts is a native of Pensacola, Florida and a graduate of East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas.