The general objects and purposes of the corporation shall be a benevolent association of members of the broadcasting and television industry of Florida for public interest, convenience and necessity and organized to promote the well-being, cooperation and prosperity of the owners, managers, employees and specialists engaged in the business of broadcasting and televising in the State of Florida, to confer benefits upon its members such as providing information from state courts, commission, boards and bureaus; to represent the members before public bodies in matters affecting the broadcasting and television industry; to promote good will between the members of the Association, and between the Association and the public of Florida; to serve as a clearing house for matters affecting the well-being of the members of the Association, to prosecute such suits in state and federal courts as are required for the protection of the members of the Association; to engage in industry-wide cooperative efforts, such as hurricane warning services, broadcasting and televising of athletic, political and other public events; to cooperate with other similar associations and with national associations of these industries of the United States for the common good of the broadcasting and television industry; to foster, encourage and promote laws, rules, regulations, customs and practices which will be for the best interest of the business generally concerning the uses and values for radio advertising, and to act as a regional contact with the National Association of Broadcasters, and to be authorized to perform all acts and to exercise all powers whatsoever authorized to corporations not for profit under the laws of the State of Florida.