Operational Area Plans

Please see the Master Plan for individual Area Operational Plans.

Florida Hurricane & Disaster Information

The State of Florida Division of Emergency Management offers a comprehensive website dealing with hurricanes and other disasters for the State of Florida. The website provides information on preparedness, alerts in the event of an emergency, evacuation information and route maps, updated weather maps, and other helpful information to aid Floridians in the event of a weather emergency.

FAB, in conjunction with the Florida Division of Emergency Management, has coordinated a link-sharing effort with Florida radio and television stations.

Below are the video clips FAB was able to film with Craig Fugate, the Administrator of FEMA on a recent trip to Washington DC. Craig is an old friend of FABs, and is also a good friend to all broadcasters. The video clips have Craig discussing broadcasters as first responders, as well as discussing the National EAS Test. Please feel free to distribute both the video clips and diagrams.

If your station is interested in participating, promoting its website, or providing a link on the station’s website,

please call our toll free number at (800) 825-5322 or to email your questions please click here.